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Oil Pulling

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Oil Pulling

Dear all

Hope you all tried oil pulling.
You can share with me if faced ant problem.
I strongly recommend everyone to do it.

Today sharing a small write up of oil pulling benefits.

1..It is not only limited to oral health. The ancient Ayurvedic texts talk about the benefits of oil pulling for migraines, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, greying of hair and cataract. Basically, it benefits all diseases above the clavicle.

2.It is the combination of saliva and oil together that creates the magic potion.

3.Oil pulling won’t cause acne. The oil doesn’t get into the superficial skin layer. It goes mostly to the internal skin layer so it won’t really have any adverse effect. If it actually reduces inflammation and has a better impact on your sinus health, it will reduce acne.

4.It is good for the nose, the sinuses, the teeth and oral gum health.

Dr.Vandana Dammani
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