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Battle with Corona Virus

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Battle with Corona Virus

Good morning everyone……🌸

Battle with Corona Virus is not till 4th May it will be long….for 1 year you have to take care of yourself, your body like temple….. So the one who will have best immunity will fight with it very efficiently and effectively…… Just don’t worry ….. Don’t take stress …… Only 1 formula will work “HEALTHY BODY, MIND AND SOUL”

So let’s come to the point  how to achieve it
Follow dincharya n ritucharya… i.e.daily routine and seasonal routine. Whatever I’m writing below is for increasing your and your kids immunity and for healthy body,mind and soul…..
Please follow as much as possible 

1. Get up before sunrise 
2. Take 2 tsf virgin coconut/sesame oil in your mouth and circulate it till you feel your mouth is full and then spit…. It’s called kawal
3. Drink 2 glass of warm water and brush …if you get Neem Daaton then very nice
4. 30 min. Yoga, Exercise and 20 min. Pranayam and 10 min. of meditation for sure.
5. Drink 50 ml. of Amrit Ayurvedic Kadha which I mentioned in you tube channel 15 min before breakfast 
6. Have very  healthy  breakfast ,lunch N dinner
7. Can take 6 drops of tulsi ark in a glass of water once a day anytime 
8. Drink warm water always
9. Keep yr bowel clean
10. Take proper  n sound sleep 
11.  3-4 drops coconut oil or cow ghee in nostrils before sleep
12. Use trifla water to wash your eyes
13. Eat light dinner and avoid sleeping within 2 hrs after taking can go for a leisure walk .
14. Drink golden milk before sleep. Method to prepare it is provided in my you tube channel.
15. While bathing add Neem leaves  in water.
16. Warm saline gargle n steam inhalation  once a day…..also
17. Think positive…..behave in present tense…..don’t worry of future
18. Be happy n spread happiness
19. Take care of each n every safety n hygiene protocols.
20. Develop a habit of gratitude for everything around you.

Each n every point is scientific n have miraculous effect on body, mind n soul……god bless you all🙏
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